1. U

    The Oil Blue

    Name: The Oil Blue Store Link: Cheats: Timer freeze, Infinite batteries, No machine stress, Oil price freeze Cheers Mrantifun, you're doing God's work
  2. KatsumiYT

    The Walking Zombie: Dead City

    Money and ammo trainer please :)
  3. K

    [REQ] The Joy of Creation: Reborn

    Platform: Gamejolt (downloadable) - Product price: Free to play Features: Infinite time, freeze animatronic, maybe invisibility (animatronic ignores player)
  4. Tentrom

    [REQ] The Settler 4 Gold Edition

    Software: There's no Software needed. Buyable here: Product Price: $9,99 Features: Inf. Ressource/Instant Build/God mode