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  1. E

    Update Request Napoleon Total War Definitive Edition

    Title: Napoleon: Total War Definitive edition Trainer Name: Wemod | Napoleon: Total War Definitive edition Platform: Steam Version: 1.3.0. B2081 Features Not Working: All features not working.
  2. C

    Empire Total War

    Hi im using the steam version of empire total war and last night everything was working fine, I had all 9 options available but then today I went to play and there is oly 7 options available, god mode and add/decrease funds are both missing. Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. A

    Total War Rome 2 Trainer Update

    Total War Rome 2 Emperor Edition Total War Rome 2 Emperor Edition V2.3.0 Trainer +15 Build 18462 MrAntiFun Steam Game V.2.4.0 Built 19728.1528456 F1 active trainer does not work
  4. THE Big pig xx

    Require trainer

    Title: Total War War Hammer 2 Trainer Name: Total War War Hammer 2 MRANTFUN Platform: Steam Version:1.6.1 build 10846 Features Not Working: The movement of the lord and hero
  5. C

    [REQ] Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia The Game will be released tomorrow Options Inf.Money Inf.Movement Fast Construction Fast Replenishment (recruit troops with 100%) Fast Research Inf.Influence Inf.Loyality Inf.Public Order Inf.Food Inf.Ammo Inf...
  6. xmlviking5

    Total War Warhammer 2 Trainer

    1. God mode does make your units invincible but they still take damage on health bar. 2. God mode is applied to enemy making them unkillable. link to trainer:
  7. Piddy_x

    Warhammer: Total war - Trainer not selecting correct heros to add experience

    #1 Please List out Trainer Problem When you select a hero, and then try to use the trainer to add skill points, the trainer adds it to the last created character instead. This error is reported by other users as well #2 Please List Game Version 1.4.0 #3 Please List Whether Your Game is an...
  8. E

    Total war Rome 2 V2.2.0 b1.6155

    All the trainer options are invisible and I cant click them.. I disactive my antivirus.. plz help (:
  9. Cinderpelt

    Trainer For Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai

    I would really be thankful if you could make a trainer for this game/dlc. I do know that there is a Trainer for the base game but not FotS. You don't have to jump right into making it and if you don't think you should bother that is fine. Please Make this trainer and Thank you for your time...
  10. F

    [REQ] Total War:Atilla

    Platform: Steam Version V1.6.0 Build 9824 Trainer +19 Features: I know you have one, but I use a laptop, I was wondering if I could get "edit hotkeys" version. Thanks in advance