trainer fix

  1. d3mxxxb

    Update Request SCUM 0.9 update

    Some options not working after 0.9 update
  2. Fagito

    I have a few requests for updates.

    Overlord II, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Overlord II should have things like infinite minion resources, infinite gold, infinite magic catalysts, infinite crystals, infinite dark crystals, and infinite Minion souls. Fatal Bullet should be updated to work for the game's final update. Thank...
  3. gsstudio1993

    Overkill Walking Dead Trainer Not Working!!!!

    Trainer ver. Infinite Health : Not Working Unlimite Suppressor : Not Working Other is Working.
  4. John Reeves

    Don`t Starve Together Trainer Update {steam} Here`s the link to the trainer`s thread on forum. People are asking for a long time. Thanks in advance and have a good day
  5. randomhustler

    Northgard Trainer Broken 1.4.10789

    Hi, could we have an update please? Thank you!
  6. L

    Trainer is not activating

    #1 Please List out Trainer Problem ////////// Since a week the trainer is not working, just an error sound pops up and nothing more. #2 Please List Game Version ////////// The game is Middle Earth - Shadow of War #3 Please List Whether Your Game is an Original Copy or a retail Copy //////////...
  7. L

    Trainer not starting, just a error tone

    I have this problem with most of the MAF Trainers, one day they work on the other day they don't.. Anyone know how to fix the problem?
  8. L

    Shadow Of War trainer lua53-64.dll not found

    So my problem is, after I download the game this error message comes up "could not find lua53-64.dll". I already tried to reinstall the trainer but it did not work.
  9. ViperShadowFang

    Absolver - Request Trainer?

    Hello, I know you probably busy at this moment but if its possible that we could get the Absolver Trainer fixed for the latest build, if not I understand. Thank you for your time.
  10. maksio

    The Escapists 2

    Name:The Escapists 2 V1.00 Trainer +9 platform:Steam Version:V1.00 Bugs:free crafting make crafting menu open and i can't close it
  11. B

    Death Road to Canada Trainer Not Working

    Problem: The trainer can be opened, and it'll say the game is running, but whenever I hit the cheat buttons, I will just get the Windows 10 notification sound, and nothing will happen. Game Version: I'm not sure Original or Retail: I bought it off Steam Does anyone know how to fix this?
  12. nGxKillz

    7 Days to Die Item Spawner Trainer

    Could you make a new updated version of the 7d2d trainer so you could be able to spawn items in, also there is an update for the game coming supposedly Monday. And thank you in advance
  13. BaJIa

    The Binding of Isaac Wrath of the Lamb Eternal Edition v. 1.666

    It's almost completely useless on character named ??? which has no red hearts. Could u add invincibility mayb?
  14. DarknessWrath

    Trainers problem (everyone)

    Hello, i have a little problem, since few days i'm trying to dl few trainers , i could get brütal legend one and one from warhammer Dow2 R, and since, i want to take few mores, but when i launch it it's says that i do not have the permission or it's doesn't work properly, i tried to launch it...
  15. Fernando Jacob

    [REQ] Dying Light

    Platform: Steam - Product price: $39.99 USD Features: Fast Legend Level Cheat MegaEXP is not boosting the Legend Level very well. Pls add an extra option to boost this one.
  16. sakefiraga

    Undertail Trainer Needs an Update

    Hi there I'm new here, and I love all the trainers that have been posted up (thanks MrAntiFun). Alright Undertail just had an update to fix bugs and what not, so the 2016 trainer doesn't work anymore is there anyway that maybe you can update it? I know it must be hard to update it and I'm sorry...