trainer not starting

  1. E

    Trainers not opening suddenly.

    Recently, all MrAntiFun Trainers are not starting. I used them last on 22 Sept and, they were working just fine. But now none of the MrAntiFun Trainers are opening. All other trainers like fling, lingon, etc are working. I have whitelisted all the trainers in AV and, I tried disabling AV and...
  2. elizabeth2133

    Trainers wont start! Please help :((

    Launch the game, the trainer found game process and Game PID. When enter the game, the trainer stats change, Game proccess not found, game pid not found (0). Any solutions? Sorry my english bad Im using w7 64
  3. Zimmer11dk

    Can't open trainer after update

    Before the new Windows Update, I played NBA 2K18 with the trainer and it worked. Then I updated Windows, and the trainer wouldn't even start up. None of my MrAntiFun trainers will start up, but trainers from other people than MrAF start up. Please HELP me fix this.