#trainer update

  1. Fagito

    I have a few requests for updates.

    Overlord II, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Overlord II should have things like infinite minion resources, infinite gold, infinite magic catalysts, infinite crystals, infinite dark crystals, and infinite Minion souls. Fatal Bullet should be updated to work for the game's final update. Thank...
  2. CelestialCorpse

    [Update Request] Deep Rock Galactic

    Single-Player/Co-Op game Deep Rock Galactic has had a Major Content update on June 15th. :) Requesting trainer update due to: - Health [1] and Ammo [4] no longer activate. (Windows error tone) - Using Flare [7] or Grenade [6] with associated Trainer option active crashes game instantly. -...
  3. BearKranz

    Cities Skylines

    Can we get a trainer update to 1.7 please.