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ultimate general: civil war

  1. ItsSFChris

    Ultimate General: Civil War Trainer Update

    Title: Ultimate General: Civil War Trainer Name: Ultimate General Civil War V1.00 Trainer +8 Platform: Steam Version: 1.09 Features Not Working: F1 Activate Trainer. Trainer just crashes when I try to activate it.
  2. J

    [REQ] Ultimate General: Civil War

    platform: Steam Price: £22.99 Cheats:- -Infinite Unit Health -Infinite Unit Supply/Ammunition -Infinite Unit Morale -Infinite Unit Condition -Unlimited/Set Cash -Unlimited/Set Manpower -Unlimited/Set Career Points -Unlimited/Set Commander XP -Unlimited armoury equipment Thank you very much :)
  3. J

    Ultimate General: Civil War

    Ultimate General: Civil War is now available on Steam Early Access. It's got alot more features than Ultimate General: Gettysburg so you'd be looking at the usual morale, infinite health, infinite ammo, infinite reload. Alongside, you'd need infinite money, infinite political capital, infinite...