warcraft 3

  1. BlouDrake

    Warcraft 3 reign of chaos & the frozen throne trainer request

    Now i have seen a post one here about a trainer for this game. As i understand using a trainer in the single player campaign according to the post you can get banned. I have been using cheat engine in the past with no ban so far. So i am requesting a trainer for testing to see if there will be a...
  2. M

    [REQ]Trainer Request:Warcraft 3:Reign Of Chaos,and Warcraft3:The Frozen Throne Expansion

    I've seen a rejected request for this one allredy,with the reason that the game has a Multiplayer option,which is true,but also has a Singleplayer mode,for which i would request of you to make a simple trainer Options i would like to see: 1)Gold 2)Wood 3)Food(population) 4)Hero XP 5)Instant...