warhammer 40k

  1. AstartesFanboy

    Space Hulk Asencsion trainer mistaken for virus?

    Hey so, I tried to download the space hulk ascension trainer and it was repeatedly blocked as it contained malicious files. None of the other trainers had this problem. Is the ascension one actually a malicious file or does it just happen to be the only trainer so far to be mistaken for...
  2. Mighty_observer

    Space Hulk Tactics

    Please make a space hulk tactics Trainer, Maybe... Unlimited Squad AP points. Unlimited Unit AP points. Unlimited Turns. Unlimited Ammo. Freeze enemy spawn? i dont need credits, I can do that myself through cheat engine. But since you're busy ill be happy with just Unlimited Unit AP.
  3. GraySoldiers

    Warhammer 40k dawn of war soulstorm

    Boss upgrade point instant build instant win inf.resource inf.health pls mrAntiFun pls
  4. II Vortex II

    Dawn of war soulstorm and dawn of war dark crusade trainer problems

    Hey Mrantifun and other staff memebers idk if you even look at this but the dark crusade and soulstorm trainers are bugged and or not working idk if Relic updated them or im just having this problem but when ever i try to activate your trainer all i hear is a ding not trainer activated. Also...