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God Mode Trainer


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Oct 7, 2015
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Very nice I will give this a try Thanks MAF

Arthur W

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Feb 11, 2015
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The trainer works great, thanks MAF! Anyway, one thing id like though would be actual invulnerability. I know you're invulnerable for a tiny bit after you die, so figuring that out would be cool. Also infinite lives, That way you can keep coming back. You see in a death challenge i died 2 times, and if i had died 4 times i would have been kicked to the menu, so unlimited lives would be good. Also, maybe a 1 hit kill cheat would be pretty bad ass, although possibly a bit much considering the number of enemies and how quick they'd die. Oh, and if you figured out the infinity ammo from the arrow challenge, that would better replace the current infinite ammo cheat. Anyway, fantastic trainer, keep up the good work.

Edit #1. I can't believe i forgot to ask for infinite abilities/ ability always full. infinite god mode for example covers 2 of the current cheats as is lol.
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