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    Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Trainer

    I've been badly wanting this for a long time now. Thanks alot!
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    Grey Goo Trainer

    All cheats work except for god mode. However in campaign I believe the infinite units and instant units also work for the enemy AI. All I know is that even with all the cheats, I can out macro'd in the third beta mission by hundreds of units
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    Tales of Zestiria Trainer

    The patch works, but is there anyway to change the way the infinite health works? Technically it's infinite, but with that the trainer does by lowering your health down to like 600 or so, any big hits higher then that will just one shot people
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    Hitman Absolution Trainer

    Tried using the trainer, but all that happens is that my trainer becomes entirely unresponsive and crashes without making a sound.