1. MercurialWhale


    I have tried making one via CE custom cheat tables but it's almost impossible for this game, for careed mode skills, more options would be appreciated though, this trainer is more of a challenge though lol.
  2. Lightrod1111

    Hokko Life Trainer Is there anyway that you can make a Hokko Life Trainer that incudes -Infinite Items ( Wood, Crops, ores, Items, etc.) -Infinite Sprint -Infinite Money -Edit Money -One Hit (For cutting down trees and breaking rocks) -Infinite Watering Can...
  3. testowygracz10

    [REQ] Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    Title: Starlink: Battle for Atlas Store Link: Cheats: 1) inf. health 2) inf. electrum 3) inf. nova 4) inf. nitro
  4. K

    Sigma Theory Trainer Please :D

    Looking for a Sigma Theory Trainer, its a game on steam, would be nice to have a few cheats to make the game easier. Even on easy mode the game just punishes you for one mistake. And I have replayed the game like 20 times and can never win against the other countries.
  5. hellnight01


    so this cool lil rogue like plat former is fun choose different classes to play the levels. beat the game to get the one of few achievements for that class. but you dont really get enough gold to level your character to get far. so if you could do a trainer for this game...
  6. rafael29

    I need help with Boxing School

    Hey guys i need help with the game Boxing School, If anyone knows of a trainer for this game please DM me.
  7. rafael29

    Boxing school hey there can we get a trainer for this awesome game please. 1. infinite money 2. add xp fighter 3. add xp manager 4. add research points
  8. B

    Let It Die (REQUEST)
  9. A

    Rollerway [REQUEST]

    There's no store link because it's a very uncommon game, you can find it here: Cheats: - Some way of not falling off / sticking to the track - Instant boost and stop - maybe some way of hovering if possible
  10. dom1nno

    [REQ] Survive the Nights - trainer

    Hi, this game has been out since december 2017 but it´s been in "unlisted pre-alpha" stage and I haven´t found any working cheat/trainer or hack for it since then... Game Name: Survive The Nights Official Website: Game Engine: Unity 5 Game Genre: Survival Game...
  11. Petrovich_

    [REQUEST] Heat Guardian Trainer

    Game Name: Heat Guardian Game/Steam Website: Game Engine: Construct 2 Game Version: 2018 v0.04 Options Required: Health Ammo Energy
  12. Petrovich_

    [REQ] Heat Guardian Trainer

    Game Name: Heat Guardian Game/Steam Website: Game Engine: Construct 2 Game Version: 2018 v0.04 Options Required: Health, Ammo, Energy
  13. 13mg

    [REQ] The Swords of Ditto - Inf. health - Inf. stamina - Inf. Gold - Speed x2 or x3 Thank you. :D
  14. Trilias


    OF MICE AND SAND -REVISED- Steam Store Link Click Me! Cheats infinitely Tank HP infinitely Fuel infinitely Money infinitely Items infinitely Mice HP infinitely Mice Stamina infinitely Mice Calorie/Food instant Crafting instant Room Build Screenshot
  15. J

    Monster Energy Supercross (Request)

    Title: Monster Energy Supercross Price: $56 (CAD) Steam store page: Requested cheats would include those similar to the previous MXGP Trainers, such as infinite credits, freeze other riders, freeze...
  16. Gotoshiro

    [REQ] Final Strike: Final Hour

    Please if possible make it so the cooldown and all the super powers are all unlocked.
  17. whosi

    How to make a trainer?

    I wanna make a trainer for an old game because i cannot find one that works, all i could find are tutorials on how to make one for one specific trainer but most of the time that doesn't work.
  18. MrDrago0328

    Cultures: 8th Wonder of the World - Trainer Request!

    Game: 8th Wonder of the World Link: Price: 4.99 EUR Trainer options: --> Inf. Resources --> Inf. Health etc. Please, make a trainer for this.
  19. Trilias

    [REQ]MetaMorph - Dungeon Creatures

    - Infinite Health - Infinite Mana -Freeze Timer Store-Link Screenshots
  20. MrDrago0328

    [REQUEST] Bio Inc. Redemption

    Bio Inc. Redemption Link: Price: 12,99€ Cheats: Infinite/Great amount of Bio Points