1. Brony God

    [REQ] Star Wars: Empire At War v105.48808

    Yes I know that there are trainers for the other versions of Star Wars: Empire At War, but not for v105.48808. I want the same options as the trainers for this game has and one more new option Instant Build where you don't have to wait for any unit to be built...
  2. niccolado

    Aven Colony [GOG] v.1.0.25697

    Title: Aven Colony Trainer Name: Aven Colony [https://mrantifun.net/index.php?threads/aven-colony-trainer.9240/] Platform: GOG New Version: v.1.0.25697 Features Not Working: 1. Infinite Nanites and 4. Instant Construction Thank you very much for your hard work @MrAntiFun
  3. C

    Metal Fatigue

    Please can you make a trainer for Metal Fatigue for Steam or GOG. https://store.steampowered.com/app/888040/Metal_Fatigue/ https://www.gog.com/game/metal_fatigue The cheats I would like are: 1. Unlimited Lava 2. Unlimited Man Power 3. Instant build for player only 4. Instant troop training &...
  4. W

    [REQ] Throne Of Darkness Trainer

    Hi MrAntiFun... May I request for Throne Of Darkness trainer? The Option for the trainer will be : 1. Inf. Health 2. Inf. Mana 3. Inf. Money 4. Inf. Stat point 5. Inf. Skill point 6. Inf. Item 7. Free Blacksmith/Priest 8. Inf. Daimyo Power
  5. C

    gog compatibility

    some trainers work on steam / origin etc versions and not on gog witcher aside i support gog out of principle and before people start making fun of me - i don't have enough time to grind every time is there a chance for you to reach out to them and ask what to change for the trainers to work...
  6. darroyo

    Way of the Samurai 4 trainer

    This trainer has never worked with the GOG version. Game has also been updated several times since this trainer was released.