1. MrSkaizo

    Regarding Virus Definition Updated Recently As today (24/11/18) some companies in cyber security as well Microsoft...
  2. P

    RE: Windows 10 Defender Issues [Solution]

    Recently people have been reporting that windows defender is flagging trainers as malware and removing them. In THIS post Mr. Antifun recommends disabling defender, but defender is really the best option for protection and disabling it has several risks and really should not be done. Instead I...
  3. D

    Warhammer Trainer and Malwarbytes

    Hi, I recently ran a scan on my PC with malwarbytes and it identified the Total War: Warhammer trainer as a threat. Do I have anything to worry about or is this just precautionary for this malware protection system? This is my first time using one of these trainers. Ducko