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Apr 28, 2014
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As today (24/11/18) some companies in cyber security as well Microsoft recently pushed virus update definition for Windows Defender Antivirus which apparently one of the methods introduced in trainer engine version v1.02 (which is current using, you may notice at bottom right 1543064792950.png) to prevent being detected from mostly known of anti-virus programs are now being flagged suspicious for them and eventually set different status to Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.A,Trojan.Gen.9 however things still remain false positive, in program structure has no serious offense that could injure OS in any harm way and injection only in game process, there is nothing can't do much about it.
Additional info about false positive:

Temporary solutions are:
1) Make a particular folder where to store trainers then add to exception folder and/or as files just to be sure from current anti-virus you are using.
2) Open trainers in administrator mode [Recommend for this behavior action that's not relevant to antivirus though]
3) Make sure UAC (User Account Control) using track-bar is set to "Never notify"
5) Download trainers using download manager such as IDM & rename trainer name.
6) If you using Windows Defender, make sure additional features are disabled as well (From App & Browser Control, don't touch exploit protection)
6) [*] If everything above mentioned didn't work and using windows defender, then only solution is to set turned off through local group policy & registry (

*Note: You will be responsible for your own action doing so, notice to be self aware behind the internet and how to trust programs however it's recommended doing that and then just go for another useful AV you think of (Kaspersky, Comodo, Avast etc).
Current trainer engine (v1.2) has following features:
- Less false positive issues that should prevent users who are experiencing mostly of the time.
*as you can see, a sample of it (64-bit) shows no false positive at all
- Less volume of code and utilization process (around 0.5%).
- Ability to change hotkeys function through all cheats (#3-7)
[1] - Included game editor template so that you can change any values in range given to specific cheats (e.g skill points, resources etc) included you want for
- Improvement design and fonts
- Removed mute button (alternative you can use volume mixer to change volume)
- Introduced cheat status (not available for all games)
- Bug fixes.

[1] Not available in all games though template will still remain visible.
EDIT: From today (1/1/19) we will launch shortly new trainer engine version which has following changelog:

Trainer engine (v1.3):
- Added back mute feature (checkbox - #7).
- Game editor default turned off.
- Improved trainer texture.
- Removed cheat status due to CPU utilization.
- Fixed with remain false positive issue (both 32-bit and 64-bit).
- Bug fixes.


Please note that it would take time to update rest of the games to current trainer engine.
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