middle earth

  1. Edwark10

    Middle Earth: Shadow of war

    Hey MrAntiFun, you are by far the best person to get out trainers. I know we already have one for this but I was wondering if we could get a few more cheats on it? I know this sounds greedy because you got this trainer out when it was released and I'm sure you are constantly busy but I thought...
  2. spartan1022

    Middle Earth: Shadow Of War!

    SHADOW OF WAR IS OUT LETS GOOOOOO Please Mr. AntiFun if you could then please make it happen! - Inf Health - Inf Mirian - Inf Attribute points - Inf Elven rage (NateDaBeast) - Inf Arrows (Karl Snyder) - Inf Might (StarKillerHDX) - Inf Focus (StarKillerHDX) - Inf Health for Allies (Andrew117) -...
  3. Puffffreex

    REQUEST: Middle Earth Shadow of War Steam

    Middle Earth Shadow of War Trainer With Inf Health, Stamina, and what ever else could be added.
  4. H

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Hello people and MrAntiFun, i was hoping that this time around if you could do ME:SoW and be able to add infinite "Elven Wrath". I feel that SoW should be a game where you're practically a god, you have a ring of power, no normal orc will be able to defeat you, and i feel as if you should create...