monster hunter: world

  1. J

    The monster hunter trainer still works people

    i have been seeing a lot of people asking for a monster hunter world trainer/update despite what the man himself has said. the latest +7 trainer works and does so well, only thing you need is to follow the instructions on how to start it! this also works online but only as host can you use...
  2. Cheshya

    Monster Hunter World - Feature Update Request

    Greetings. So far, at the time of this posting, the Monster Hunter World trainer is still functional. But, I feel it needs a new feature or slight adjustment to the items. The thread has already brought it up multiple times, but the 99 options is a bit... weak. As after a certain portion of...
  3. Szilimaci


    Trainer Request! - Infinite Health - Infinite Stamina - Infinite Items - Max Sharpness - Infinite Zenny - Super Speed Store: Please make a Trainer MAF!