1. P

    Failure assigning a temporary name

    I always get that when i open trainers
  2. C

    Trainers of any kind stop functioning after a while

    Hey guys, I got a more or less serious problem. If I start the latest trainer version of ROME 2 Emperor Edition, only a Windows sound is played. The only cheat that works is unlimited food. All the other cheats won't make an activation sound nor turn red. I see the same problem in game. I do...
  3. H

    A little please to change... (Background theme or font change)

    Hello Mr. Antifun, i like your Trainers and that you very often do updates. i have one please... a problem that i cant change with your trainers... please, can you make a background color change of all your Trainers or next updated trainers? but no mans sky and the long dark please really...
  4. K

    I can't open a trainer

    Whenever I try to open a trainer it doesn't say an error or anything it just doesn't open. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hexfur

    Various Trainers Not Starting

    I have about 15+ trainers downloaded, from Assassins Creed to Witcher 3, all but two from this site (& they are working fine). They will not start up, and if I click on them, nothing happens. I have changed my UAC, disabled my firewall, redownloaded the ones I want to use within the next week...
  6. Ikhti

    Ashes of the Singularity Escalation

    Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Trainer's God Mode is not Working. Any chance of fixing this? :(
  7. adam1205

    f1 dont work to me

    i just installed dragon age inquisition v1.11 and i also downloaded maf's trainer for v1.11 but the f1 button don't work and i can't set power perks , inquisition perks etc... and i already tried everything possible including turning off the antivirus i just don't know what to do please help me
  8. I

    So far a problem with all the trainers for me

    So far a problem with all the trainers for me No matter what if i run the game then run the trainer it doesn allow me to press f1 or f2 to acttivate the trainer. just gives me a annoying sound i run the cheat in admin and the game in admin i get hit one time and trying to do inf health dont...
  9. kizuzashi

    Class Not Registered

    I've downloaded some of your mods. After I extracted it and try it, this appear " Class Not Registered" So what does that mean? Anyone else get this kind of problem? How do I fix it?
  10. Perry Cain

    Problem with Star Wars Empire At War Trainer

    Hi all, the problem with this trainer is that once the game open and the trainer is also open. The trainer can´t be activated
  11. nikoen2

    Problem with Napoleon Total War Hack Trainer V 1.3

    The Napoleon Total War Hack Trainer V 1.3 does not walk properly. To be even more specific what I mean is that walk all the options less the way God and because several users had the same problem, would be nice to be able to solve the problem. The "F7" is the one failing to hack trainer. Thank...