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Aug 11, 2014
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Hello Mr. Antifun,

i like your Trainers and that you very often do updates.

i have one please...
a problem that i cant change with your trainers...

please, can you make a background color change of all your Trainers or next updated trainers?
but no mans sky and the long dark please really next.

it would help alot.
and i think there are alot of usersmore outside.
windows 10 have no black theme on board.
we must use script change.

i cant see any optins and keybindings at your trainers, because i love the black window colours and black themes mod.
i will not change my pc/windows settings, but i hope you can look at your trainer where the problem is that the font not is white or aany else at black themes. cant see whats typing at the trainers, it is black on black background.

can you change or fix it or to add a colour theme change at your trainers to slected by myself?!


thanks alot of all your good work, all the years.