1. U

    I hear Wemod is free but...

    I haven't downloaded any trainers here since the Wemod announcement and decided to start using cheat engine. I can't find any simple cheat tables for Lust from Beyond so I decided to give in and install Wemod for the trainer. But every cheat says to upgrade to pro to activate. Are only some...
  2. C

    Question: are there hacks for Cyber Hunter? - Battle Royale Online.

    Mi inglés es medio malo, lo siento. yo uso el traductor de Google ------------------ ¿Sabes si hay un HACK para Cyber Hunter? que contiene wallhack aimbot, etc. porque hay muchos que lo usan pero es para dispositivos móviles, y tengo PC. ¿Sabes dónde puedo conseguirlo? ¿O tengo que modificar un...
  3. ArtificialReape

    How to turn cheat table into trainer?

    I'm gotten pretty good at finding values and the pointers for those values within the cheat engine. But how do you put the stuff in cheat engine into a keytable like mrantifuns trainers?