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request trainer

  1. D

    Rome Total War Remastered Trainer Request

    Link: Cheats: The same that you did on Rome Total War 2 would be great if thats possible. Game came out today, no rush MAF. As always appreciate you and the teams work. d97
  2. Jessi

    Last Evil Cheats requested: Set Max HP/Add HP Set Max Lust/Add Lust Set Max Mana/Add Mana Set/Add Talent Points Add Essence
  3. T

    [req] gunfire reborn

    cheats: invincibility infinite ammo infinite cash infinite soul
  4. Liam1608

    [REQ] Population Zero

    a Trainer for the game Population Zero from Steam was very nice :)
  5. V

    [REQ] Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus

    Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus / Steam 1. Money 2. God Mode
  6. I

    Dungeon Defender : Awakened

    Can you make this one please? Thank you.
  7. F

    112 Operator trainer Would like to see similar cheats that are in 911 operator as this is a sequel to that game
  8. syafikuzack

    The Executioner - Lesser Evil Games

    Might want this trainer. Agree? +1
  9. Jessi


    Title: X-Blades. Link: X-Blades on Steam. Requested cheats: 1. Infinite HP. 2. Infinite Rage. 3. Infinite Souls. 4. Hit Counter Never Drops. 5. All upgrades. 6. All costumes. Not sure if the last 2 are possible, unsure if all upgrades and costumes can be unlocked by command.
  10. CelestialCorpse

    [Update] Praey for the Gods

    Praey For The Gods Steam V 0.5.048 (Up from March 2019 V0.5.025 after Achievements, Optimization, Accessibility and many more patches/updates were added!) :) Issue: Current trainer does not recognize process name or ID so cannot test functionality. This indie hidden-gem for Zelda/Shadow of...
  11. yacob

    himeko sutori Cheat : max florins 4X xp gain inf cards stars thx bunch
  12. C

    Jurassic World Evolution v1.8.3.45443

    Hello! A trainer is badly needed for this version of JWE. You know we can't live without your fabulous work! :)
  13. imperiom1

    [REQ] Heroine Anthem Zero 2 -Scars of Memories-

    --------------------------- Title: Heroine Anthem Zero 2 -Scars of Memories- --------------------------- Store Link: --------------------------- Cheats: God mode, Money, speed, strong attacks...
  14. domelan2014

    Pax Nova

    Store Link: Cheats: adding Credits, Aether and others, one Turn Research, one Turn Build, unlimited Movement, super Health, reveal Planet & Space Map
  15. hellnight01

    Gemcraft - chasing shadows, Ubermosh series

    So theres a couple of games more one then the other but they have been up for quite a while and theres nothing on here about either of them. one if GemCraft - Chasing Shadows something like inf mana would do. nothing much. or inf skill points two...
  16. L

    (REQUEST) Chantelise - A Tale of Two Sisters

    Links: Cheats: Add Money/Unlimited Money Unlimited Health
  17. hellnight01

    Pick crafter

    Its been on steam fora while but i can never find anything for it. so if you can please? inf clicks, power clicks insta refine, inf power durration. just ideas.
  18. O

    [REQ} city of god prison empire money Energy
  19. S

    Black Ice (v0.8.150)

    Hey, i could use a trainer for Black Ice. (Health, money and RAM)
  20. MilesUpshursv

    [Update Request] Rabi-Ribi ver1.99s

    Title: Rabi-Ribi Trainer Name: Rabi Ribi V1.991 Trainer +6 Platform: Steam Version: Version 1.99s Features Not Working: as of the latest update to the game, all the features from the trainer are no longer working