request trainer

  1. Gorkarino

    Arcana of Paradise -The Tower- Trainer Request

    Please, it would be nice to have a trainer for this game. Store Link: Cheats: -Infinite Health or No Damage -Infinite Bread -Damage Multiplier -Unlock All Cards -Unlock All Monsters Information -Game Speed Settings Thank...
  2. DanuStranger

    [REQ] World Of Mystery

    Title: World Of Mystery --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: Lupiah/money, Mystery Point, Ticket ---------------------------
  3. CelestialCorpse

    [REQ] Deadlink

    Title: Deadlink Platform: Steam Store page: Release date: Oct 18, 2022 Genre: Roguelike, FPS, Cyberpunk Requested cheats: Infinite Health, Instant Ability Cooldown, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Jumps, Set Currency Related images: Similar...
  4. LucidRina


    STORE LINK: Trainer for Resources and Villager Modifying.
  5. M

    {Request} Sd gundam battle alliance 1: unlimited health 2:unlimited power 3:fast exp
  6. EdgyLlamaGuy

    Over The Counter

    This is all I could come up with. Adding money 100% Success Rate 5* Drug Each Time
  7. EdgyLlamaGuy

    TRAILMAKERS (request)

    I think it'd be nice if you made a trainer for Trailmakers that included: infinite coins, infinite blocks, and infinite health. Last it was requested was in July of 2018 which could be why you never got to it or haven't gotten to it. Thank you for your time @MrAntiFun
  8. A

    Carnal Instinct (Adult RPG)

    Store link: Cheats I would like to have: - Unlimited health - Add gold - Infinite stamina - Infinite arrows - Infinite items - One hit kill - Freeze Enemies - Increase Player Speed - Decrease Player Speed - Save Position - Restore...
  9. C

    Aircraft Carrier Survival (Request)

    -Stop the day/clock -Edit: Command Points -Unlimited Supplies -Edit: Upgrade Points -No Flood Or Fire -Allow Missions In Dark Thank you,for your hard work and dedication to the community.
  10. Mondsx

    Wars and Roses

    Store links: - - Cheats: - God Mode - Infinie Money - Max Affection - 1 Hit Kill - No Reload - No recoil - Rapid Fire
  11. B

    Civilization VI

    hi i was wondering if you have any trainers for the latest Civilization VI
  12. D

    Rome Total War Remastered Trainer Request

    Link: Cheats: The same that you did on Rome Total War 2 would be great if thats possible. Game came out today, no rush MAF. As always appreciate you and the teams work. d97
  13. Jessi

    Last Evil Cheats requested: Set Max HP/Add HP Set Max Lust/Add Lust Set Max Mana/Add Mana Set/Add Talent Points Add Essence
  14. T

    [req] gunfire reborn

    cheats: invincibility infinite ammo infinite cash infinite soul
  15. Liam1608

    [REQ] Population Zero

    a Trainer for the game Population Zero from Steam was very nice :)
  16. V

    [REQ] Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus

    Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus / Steam 1. Money 2. God Mode
  17. I

    Dungeon Defender : Awakened

    Can you make this one please? Thank you.
  18. F

    112 Operator trainer Would like to see similar cheats that are in 911 operator as this is a sequel to that game
  19. syafikuzack

    The Executioner - Lesser Evil Games

    Might want this trainer. Agree? +1
  20. Jessi


    Title: X-Blades. Link: X-Blades on Steam. Requested cheats: 1. Infinite HP. 2. Infinite Rage. 3. Infinite Souls. 4. Hit Counter Never Drops. 5. All upgrades. 6. All costumes. Not sure if the last 2 are possible, unsure if all upgrades and costumes can be unlocked by command.