1. E

    Update Request Napoleon Total War Definitive Edition

    Title: Napoleon: Total War Definitive edition Trainer Name: Wemod | Napoleon: Total War Definitive edition Platform: Steam Version: 1.3.0. B2081 Features Not Working: All features not working.
  2. I

    Bruh pls

    Trainer for universe at war earth assault PLSSS
  3. Revecha

    [REQ] Buoyancy

    TRAINER REQUEST! Launch Trailer: Game Store: STEAM Game Descriptions: Buoyancy is a city-building strategy game where you build, manage, and move a floating city on an oceanic world. Explore and scavenge resources scattered around the endless waters. Keep your villagers nourished and happy...
  4. C

    Medieval Kingdom Wars Game Version: 1.00 INFINITE MONEY INFINITE RESOURCES(there are two types, in battle ones and campaign map ones) GOD MODE FOR ARMIES AND STRUCTURES FAST RECRUITING FAST BUILD UNIT LIMIT Fast Research is not needed you research on...
  5. Hawk3y3s

    Kingdom Two Crowns

    Store Link: price 19.99 RELEASE DATE:Dec 11, 2018 -Its currently retail - Cheats: -infinite coins -infinite gems -Instant Construction -infinite horse stamina -enemies cant damage players -freeze time of day
  6. C

    Dominion 5 trainer request.

    Hello, MrAntiFun! I appreciate your hard work; I was wondering if you could make a trainer for Dominions 5?
  7. jole312

    [Req] Skyshine’s bedlam redux

    Link: Price : 19,99$ Features: Manpower Fuel Food Research Unlimited Combat Powers Unlimited moving hope u meak it i like this game bcs of ftl faster then light is bit same
  8. D

    [REQUEST] Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs Trainer

    Link : Price : $29.99 Feature : One Hit Kill Infinite Moves Free Crafting Disable Enemy Movement
  9. G

    [REQ] Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs

    • Link: • Price: $29.99 • Features: Infinite Money Infinite AP Max Stats
  10. jole312

    [REQ] Oxygen Not Included

    Platform: Product price: 19.99 Features: Inf Health, inf oxygen,inf food,fast building,etc... Note: cool game u need to try it bit like rimworld but better i sug that u try it ;D Trainer is up ...
  11. jole312

    0 A.D.

    Platform : Product price:free Features:,inf.resources,inf.popilation,fast recruition Note: cool game its need bit more suport from you guys sup devs is free so yea go play it if u have time Maf can u meak this one plz
  12. CyberJunkie5000

    [REQ] Iron Sky Invasion $19.99 on Steam / IndieGala gave away free copies Trainer: God Mode, Inf. Ammo, Inf. Shields, Inf. Money, 10x Acceleration multiplier Please and thank you in advance!
  13. jole312

    [REQ] This Is Police

    • Platform: Steam, • Product price: 14.99$ • Features:Editor Opstion, ,Unlimited Assignment Time , Free Shopping ,Cops Cannot Die , Perfect On Duty Results ,Unlimited Day Time ,Change Swat Effectiveness Level By 1 ,Change Swat Endurance Level By 1...
  14. L

    [REQ]Fear Equation

    Fear Equation is a turn-based horror strategy game where you play the engineer of a modified freight train, built to protect its occupants from a deadly fog that brings their nightmares to life. Survival depends on analysing passengers' dreams, crafting defenses, upgrading, scavenging and...
  15. R

    [REQ] Into The Void

    Platform: Steam Price: $9.99 Features: Infinite resource for crafting, science, ect. *side note not sure if someones already requested this or not and this is my first time requesting a trainer not sure if i did this right
  16. X

    [REQ] Hard West

    • Platform: Steam - • Product price: $19.99 USD • Features: Infinite AP; Infinite Gold; Infinite HP much obliged!!!
  17. Ashmic

    (REQ) Life Is Hard

    Software: Steam Steam Link: Price: 7.99 (on sale right now at 7.19) USD Features: unlimited Health or something to that nature. And Maybe unlimited Logs and Stone and Ore (and the rest of the items) But Mostly Just Unlimited Health for Workers. (and if...
  18. CyberJunkie5000

    SERVO - Made by Stardock Ent.

    Title: SERVO Software: Steam - Product price: $19.99 USD Features: Infinite Health, Infinite Credits, Infinite Scrap, Instant build
  19. fabtje12

    [REQ] From The Depths

    SOFTWARE: PRODUCT PRICE: €19.99 FEATURES: inf.materials, godmode, undestructable, inf.skillpoints, no reload OR SOFTWARE: PRODUCT PRICE: Cheapest + 100% = $7.81 (Price will...
  20. Keane

    Skyshine's Bedlam

    Link: Price: 21.99 $CA Features: Infinite Crude Infinite Health Infinite Power Cells Infinite Food Instant Level Up (ie: Character kills a single person to level up instead of 5+) Stop Chaos From Going Up Thanks!