trainer idea

  1. D

    [REQ] Nexomon Extinction Trainer

    1)Infinite Health 2)Infinite Stamina 3)Easy Kills 4)EXP Multiplier 5) Easy Capture 6)Unlimited Item Usage 7)Change Coins 8) Change Diamonds 9)Change Tokens Note: I will keep going until this request accepts
  2. D

    {REQ} Pathway Trainer

    Store Link: Cheats: Inf.Health Inf.Shield Inf.Money One Hit Kill
  3. Eutmeplss

    Bloons Adventuretime TD Trainer (Request)

    Unlimited Starting gold Unlimited Diamonds
  4. gsstudio1993

    Overkill Walking Dead Trainer Not Working!!!!

    Trainer ver. Infinite Health : Not Working Unlimite Suppressor : Not Working Other is Working.
  5. dom1nno

    [REQ] Survive the Nights - trainer

    Hi, this game has been out since december 2017 but it´s been in "unlisted pre-alpha" stage and I haven´t found any working cheat/trainer or hack for it since then... Game Name: Survive The Nights Official Website: Game Engine: Unity 5 Game Genre: Survival Game...
  6. J

    [Request] Crossout

    Name of the game: Making History: The Second World War Store link: Cheats: Inf.Coins; Inf.Fuel; Inf.Resources [ Add more if you want, and thanks for your help]
  7. hellnight01

    Ubermosh series

    Ran across a game im trying to get a perfect game on but you die way to easily in it to be able to do anything in it achievement wise, depending on what class you choose you either have 6-2 lives, each life is 1 shot dead, no shields no armor no way to get your hp back there is no hp bar. your...
  8. C

    My Time At Portia Inf. Health Inf. Stamina Inf. Items(quickbar only if possible) Inf. Skill Points 1 Hit Kill Easy Relationship inf. Money Unlimited Dash Freeze Time(was an after thought originally but now I think is super important) My Time At Portia...
  9. I

    Request for Hotline Miami Trainer

    I really enjoyed playing the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Trainer and it would only be fitting to make a trainer for the first game as well.
  10. S

    [REQ] Monster Hunter World

    Title: Monster Hunter World --------------------------- Store Link: Steam Cheats: Inf. Health, Inf. Items, Inf. Ammo (will add more after release) ---------------------------
  11. roflcopters270

    make a trainer for super amazing wagon adventure

    they only trainer for the game is made by konghack and they have a bullshit point system so please help me out
  12. nGxKillz

    7 Days to Die Item Spawner Trainer

    Could you make a new updated version of the 7d2d trainer so you could be able to spawn items in, also there is an update for the game coming supposedly Monday. And thank you in advance
  13. MrStal0ne

    Lobotomy Corporation Trainer Request

    Ideas for cheat's... 1:Max health 2:Max mental 3:Max research points That's all. I will be waiting...
  14. J

    [REQ] Soda Dungeon

    Would it be possible to make a trainer for Soda Dungeon? Platform: Steam, Features: 1. Infinite Health 2. Infinite MP 3. Infinite Gold 4. Infinite Essence (another form of currency) 5. One Hit Kill 6. Infinite caps 7. 9999% item find I understand...
  15. D

    Man Hunt Trainer Please

    Would love to see a trainer for steams ManHunt, i know its not available to new windows operating systems but i have a windows xp desktop just to play it. would love to see it get a trainer, i've never asked for a trainer yet and will also be requesting one for Just Alone on its own thread but...
  16. V

    [REQ]Farming simulator 2015

    I want trainer which increase money by 10000$. i know u have made money trainer but it increase money by a lot. so pls can u make such trainer, i have used you are farming simulator trainer.
  17. hellonameispo

    [REQ]Hacknet Trainer request

    I haven't been able to find any trainers on the web, could you possibly make one?
  18. MrStal0ne

    Request for Niffelheim trainer.

    All i ask for is a max health and inf gold cheat pls. :D Edit 1: and a increase in movement speed as well. Trainer is done thanks.
  19. Fernando Jacob

    [REQ] Dying Light

    Platform: Steam - Product price: $39.99 USD Features: Fast Legend Level Cheat MegaEXP is not boosting the Legend Level very well. Pls add an extra option to boost this one.
  20. Arthur W

    choice of games/hosted games trainers

    The interactive choose your own adventure games from choice of games/hosted games are practically impossible to hack with cheat engine. For 1 thing they have 3 separate processes. And i theorize ( im not 100% sure if its this) that the stats update themselves/ change locations pretty fast, maybe...