trainer not working

  1. elizabeth2133

    Trainer error

    Launch the game, the trainer found game process and Game PID. When enter the game, the trainer stats change, Game proccess not found, game pid not found (0). Any solutions? Sorry my english bad.
  2. gsstudio1993

    Overkill Walking Dead Trainer Not Working!!!!

    Trainer ver. Infinite Health : Not Working Unlimite Suppressor : Not Working Other is Working.
  3. SaigouKaneyori

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    Title: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Trainer Name: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 V1.09 Trainer +8 MrAntiFun Platform: Steam Version: V1.09.01 Features Not Working: Trainer keeps saying "Cheats Couldn't Activate" after I press a button.
  4. C

    P.A.M.E.L.A v0.3.2.1

    Game: P.A.M.E.L.A Version: v0.3.2.1 Platform: Steam Trainer issue: Not activating/fails to activate. Tested Trainer Version; 3.1.3 Features need testing in all as i cannot even get the trainer to activate; it freezes for 5 minutes before failing to activate
  5. L

    Trainer is not activating

    #1 Please List out Trainer Problem ////////// Since a week the trainer is not working, just an error sound pops up and nothing more. #2 Please List Game Version ////////// The game is Middle Earth - Shadow of War #3 Please List Whether Your Game is an Original Copy or a retail Copy //////////...
  6. L

    Trainer not starting, just a error tone

    I have this problem with most of the MAF Trainers, one day they work on the other day they don't.. Anyone know how to fix the problem?
  7. L

    Shadow Of War trainer lua53-64.dll not found

    So my problem is, after I download the game this error message comes up "could not find lua53-64.dll". I already tried to reinstall the trainer but it did not work.
  8. Jakubin

    Stellaris v2.0.2

    Trainer Name: Stellaris V2.0.1 Trainer +16 Platform: Steam Version: Cherryh v.2.0.2 All trainer options are not working
  9. S

    [REQ] Monster Hunter World

    Title: Monster Hunter World --------------------------- Store Link: Steam Cheats: Inf. Health, Inf. Items, Inf. Ammo (will add more after release) ---------------------------
  10. Zimmer11dk

    Can't open trainer after update

    Before the new Windows Update, I played NBA 2K18 with the trainer and it worked. Then I updated Windows, and the trainer wouldn't even start up. None of my MrAntiFun trainers will start up, but trainers from other people than MrAF start up. Please HELP me fix this.
  11. N

    Ultimate General: Civil War

    Trainer Name: Ultimate General Civil War V0.80 Trainer +8 Platform: Steam Version: 0.92 Build 19822 Features Not Working: Trainer Activation (All Features) Tested anything i could the Trainer will not activate
  12. cakemadeofme


    Trainer name RimWorld V0.17.1546 Trainer +13 Steam Alpha17b.v0.17.1557 No features are working for me
  13. B

    Death Road to Canada Trainer Not Working

    Problem: The trainer can be opened, and it'll say the game is running, but whenever I hit the cheat buttons, I will just get the Windows 10 notification sound, and nothing will happen. Game Version: I'm not sure Original or Retail: I bought it off Steam Does anyone know how to fix this?
  14. BaJIa

    The Binding of Isaac Wrath of the Lamb Eternal Edition v. 1.666

    It's almost completely useless on character named ??? which has no red hearts. Could u add invincibility mayb?
  15. G

    911 Operator

    Title: 911 Operator Trainer Name: 911 Operator V12.14 Trainer +1 MrAntiFun Platform: Steam Version: 1.03.24 Features Not Working: Inf. Money
  16. I

    Ghost Recon Wildlands Trainer: Super Resources Causes Crash

    I've tried at least four times on two different computers and every time activating the super resources causes a CTD. Am I doing something wrong or is it a problem with the trainer?
  17. M

    Youtuber's life and all trainers error

    I can't open the trainers , it doesn't appear any mistake only not open without more , I have seen in the task manager that the process appears but soon disappears, and no , I do not have any antivirus activated. Can someone help me with this problem? (sorry for my bad english)
  18. EnterpriseNL

    Trainer and the game

    Hello everyone If you requesting an trainer update for an game, first make sure that the current(latest) trainer doesn't work with the game, this could help @MrAntiFun in advance, so that he doesn't need to test the game again with the latest trainer, he doesn't have unlimited space on his...
  19. darroyo

    Way of the Samurai 4 trainer

    This trainer has never worked with the GOG version. Game has also been updated several times since this trainer was released.
  20. aaronbryn

    The Long Dark Trainer Not Working!

    It launches and recognizes that The Long Dark is launched, but nothing happens when I press the F1 key. When I try closing the application, Windows notifies me that the application is not responding. Please fix!