trainer requests

  1. G

    Killing Floor trainer?

    Killing Floor 1 trainer please? XP be on there preferably
  2. dom1nno

    [REQ] Survive the Nights - trainer

    Hi, this game has been out since december 2017 but it´s been in "unlisted pre-alpha" stage and I haven´t found any working cheat/trainer or hack for it since then... Game Name: Survive The Nights Official Website: Game Engine: Unity 5 Game Genre: Survival Game...
  3. A

    Machia-villian (Trainer Request)

    Machiavillian Mr Anti-Fun can you plz make a trainer for this game. --------------------------- Store Link: If you could make a cheat for instant mining/building/research and maybe and infinite resources or money as well. ---------------------------...
  4. Vinylvoid

    [REQ] Cuphead-WIN 10 STORE Version

    The Cuphead Trainer that is posted on this site currently works for Steam(and gog) version only. If possible, could a WIN 10 version be created for some of us who did not buy the steam version. I appreciate all the hard work that is done here.
  5. squeedlebort

    [REQ] War Tech Fighters

    Title: War Tech Fighters --------------------------- Store Link: Steam Cheats: 1) Inf. Resources 2) Inf. Money 3) Inf. Power 4) Inf. Health ---------------------------
  6. R

    [REQ] Kingdoms and Castles

    Steam link: Price: $10.99 CAD Hello, I was hoping we could get a Kingdoms and Castles trainer going? I've been playing a lot of it recently and think it would be fun to test with a trainer. I hope you aren't to bothered by the...
  7. Kotamar

    [COMPLETED] Conan Exiles (Single Player mode)

    • Platform: Steam • Product price: $29.99 • Features: -Inf. Health -Inf. Stamina -Inf. Food -Inf. Drink/water -Inf. Weight/carry weight -Add Exp. -Inf. Items (if possible) -Add Points i.e. knowledge points/attribute points (if possible) -Easy Craft (if...
  8. gamer_dude

    [REQ] MAX PAYNE 3 Trainer +6

    Requesting Hacks: 1. Infinite Health 2. Infinite Ammo 3. No Reload 4. Infinite Bullet Time 5. Infinite Painkillers 6. One Hit Kill
  9. Fkrushsykes

    [REQ] Endless Legend

    Platform: steam Price: 32.99 Features: instant movement Add dust ( 500 ) add influence ( 500 ) Immortal hero ( Invulnerable ) Spawn settler at capital Instant production ( Note an older version of the trainer is out but doesn't work )...