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[REQ] Kingdoms and Castles


Jun 24, 2014
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Steam link:
Price: $10.99 CAD

Hello, I was hoping we could get a Kingdoms and Castles trainer going? I've been playing a lot of it recently and think it would be fun to test with a trainer. I hope you aren't to bothered by the requests too, as I see others have made requests without following the rules, so it's probably getting old by now. These are the cheats I'm hoping for, if you don't mind:
  • Max Happiness
  • Fire Doesn't Burn
  • Buildings Cost Nothing
That's all I need, but others might like these, if you're bored and would like to add them:
  • Always Full / No Hunger
  • Instantly Kill Enemies
  • Stone Walls Don't Take Damage / Fall
  • Max Gold
  • Deathless Plagues
  • Instant Building
I've made a donation (I'm sending $15 USD) that you'll see in a few days (Paypal is doing it e-check lol).
Thanks for your hard work so far, and thanks for your time. owo