MrAntiFun + WeMod Partnership Announcement


  1. Snapee2


    Game Name: Huntdown Game Engine: Unity Options Required: Cheat table/trainers with • Unlimited Health • Invincible Mode • Unlimited Dash • Super Jump • Unlimited Ammo • Unlimited Items • Fast Throw Weapons Cooldowns • Enemies Do Not Attack • Super Damage Enemies (maybe 1 hit kill) • Super...
  2. B

    dragon city request

    Can someone please make a trainer for this for like money, food, and gems. Its a old game but very recently added to the Windows store and I have played this since a kid and it would be cool if someone could figure out how to hack it. Thank you :)
  3. succdicc

    [REQ] The Political Machine 2020

    Store link: Cheats: Infinite Stamina, Infinite Money, Infinite Character editor points
  4. hghgfgh

    [Update Request ] The Guild 3

    Title: The Guild 3 Platform: Steam Version: mrantifun trainer is not uploaded on wemod! Thanks
  5. testowygracz10

    [REQ] Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    Title: Starlink: Battle for Atlas Store Link: Cheats: 1) inf. health 2) inf. electrum 3) inf. nova 4) inf. nitro
  6. V

    Project zomboid trainer

    Пожалуйста, кто-нибудь сделайте трейнер по проекту zomboid или столу
  7. javla

    DiRT Rally trainer opens a webpage

    Whenever I launch the trainer, it opens up the webpage to this sites chat which i cant even use since I didnt pay for the privilege. Furthermore, everytime i launch this trainer the windows UAC prompt appears which is very stupid and annoying. Is there a way to fix this or is this just a really...
  8. Agracok12

    [REQ] Doraemon Story of seasons inf money freeze time
  9. Simply-The-Cat

    Dicey Dungeons Trainer

    Page: > Infinite Health > Infinite Limit Break > Infinite Money > Infinite Exp
  10. J

    Blair witch trainer request

    Blair witch trainer please:):)
  11. KRFMugetsu

    F1 2019 Anniversary Edition R&D Points (for Campain) Freeze AI Infinite Fuel Infinite ERS Full Sportsmanship/Showmanship
  12. K


    Last mission its a hell, need some trainer for freeze time or immortal. Hit box in this game very large and that really need. Thx.
  13. C

    NFL Madden 20

    Would love to see a trainer for this game. :)
  14. T

    [Update Request] The Messenger GOG v1.0.4 - Can you update trainer please ^^

    Hello, Can you update your The Messenger GOG trainer to work with v1.0.4, please? Thank you ^^ Options: Inf.Jumps
  15. atributes16

    Starcraft 2 "Multiplayer" Trainer

    I have one question. Can you create trainer for Multiplayer lessons? I really want to play like in camapaigns. But i don't know about this part of SC2. Will I be banned for using possible trainer in this starting mode?
  16. robsonjerome

    WWE 2K19

    Trainer Name: WWE 2k19 V07.10.2018 Trainer +7 Platform: Steam Version: 1.06 I believe is the latest Features Not Working: Tokens
  17. imperiom1

    [REQ] Heroine Anthem Zero 2 -Scars of Memories-

    --------------------------- Title: Heroine Anthem Zero 2 -Scars of Memories- --------------------------- Store Link: --------------------------- Cheats: God mode, Money, speed, strong attacks...
  18. badeco

    MotoGP 19 Cheats: infinite development points
  19. Z

    Fable III Update Please

    Title: Fable III Trainer Name: Fable 3 Steam Trainer +5 MrAntiFun ( ) Platform: Steam Version: (Steam BuildID: 25839) Features Not Working: None of the features are working. Trainer won't even activate. I know it's been a...
  20. PayneInPain28

    GUN (2005) game Cheats: 1.God Mode 2.Unlimited Quickdraw 3.Infinite Ammo 4.Companions God Mode 5.Horse Never Tired