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  1. javla

    DiRT Rally trainer opens a webpage

    Whenever I launch the trainer, it opens up the webpage to this sites chat which i cant even use since I didnt pay for the privilege. Furthermore, everytime i launch this trainer the windows UAC prompt appears which is very stupid and annoying. Is there a way to fix this or is this just a really...
  2. Simply-The-Cat

    Dicey Dungeons Trainer

    Page: > Infinite Health > Infinite Limit Break > Infinite Money > Infinite Exp
  3. J

    Blair witch trainer request

    Blair witch trainer please:):)
  4. KRFMugetsu

    F1 2019 Anniversary Edition R&D Points (for Campain) Freeze AI Infinite Fuel Infinite ERS Full Sportsmanship/Showmanship
  5. K


    Last mission its a hell, need some trainer for freeze time or immortal. Hit box in this game very large and that really need. Thx.
  6. C

    NFL Madden 20

    Would love to see a trainer for this game. :)
  7. T

    [Update Request] The Messenger GOG v1.0.4 - Can you update trainer please ^^

    Hello, Can you update your The Messenger GOG trainer to work with v1.0.4, please? Thank you ^^ Options: Inf.Jumps
  8. atributes16

    Starcraft 2 "Multiplayer" Trainer

    I have one question. Can you create trainer for Multiplayer lessons? I really want to play like in camapaigns. But i don't know about this part of SC2. Will I be banned for using possible trainer in this starting mode?
  9. robsonjerome

    WWE 2K19

    Trainer Name: WWE 2k19 V07.10.2018 Trainer +7 Platform: Steam Version: 1.06 I believe is the latest Features Not Working: Tokens
  10. imperiom1

    [REQ] Heroine Anthem Zero 2 -Scars of Memories-

    --------------------------- Title: Heroine Anthem Zero 2 -Scars of Memories- --------------------------- Store Link: --------------------------- Cheats: God mode, Money, speed, strong attacks...
  11. badeco

    MotoGP 19 Cheats: infinite development points
  12. Z

    Fable III Update Please

    Title: Fable III Trainer Name: Fable 3 Steam Trainer +5 MrAntiFun ( ) Platform: Steam Version: (Steam BuildID: 25839) Features Not Working: None of the features are working. Trainer won't even activate. I know it's been a...
  13. PayneInPain28

    GUN (2005) game Cheats: 1.God Mode 2.Unlimited Quickdraw 3.Infinite Ammo 4.Companions God Mode 5.Horse Never Tired
  14. hellnight01

    Gemcraft - chasing shadows, Ubermosh series

    So theres a couple of games more one then the other but they have been up for quite a while and theres nothing on here about either of them. one if GemCraft - Chasing Shadows something like inf mana would do. nothing much. or inf skill points two...
  15. hellnight01

    Pick crafter

    Its been on steam fora while but i can never find anything for it. so if you can please? inf clicks, power clicks insta refine, inf power durration. just ideas.
  16. S

    Black Ice (v0.8.150)

    Hey, i could use a trainer for Black Ice. (Health, money and RAM)
  17. murrac13

    Outlaws of the old west trainer not working

    trainer is not activating or working even when i use the same execute that the trainer is required. Game version is 1.1.4. my game was purchased directly through steam. i believe the trainer is out of date. and would like an update please and thank you guys :)
  18. K

    Sigma Theory Trainer Please :D

    Looking for a Sigma Theory Trainer, its a game on steam, would be nice to have a few cheats to make the game easier. Even on easy mode the game just punishes you for one mistake. And I have replayed the game like 20 times and can never win against the other countries.
  19. hellnight01


    so this cool lil rogue like plat former is fun choose different classes to play the levels. beat the game to get the one of few achievements for that class. but you dont really get enough gold to level your character to get far. so if you could do a trainer for this game...
  20. F

    HYPERGUN v1.1.0.6 - Trainer Request

    Dear Community / MrAntiFun, I'd like to request a Trainer for: Name: HYPERGUN Actual version: v1.1.0.6 Steam link: Click here Game engine: Unity Trainer options: - Inf Health - Inf Hypercoins It would be absolutley great if you could do a trainer for that. Thanks in advance :)