1. Xzenze9112

    Lost planet: Extreme condition

    Hello Mrantifun. If you have time please make a basic trainer. Please
  2. Aizen_world

    Request for vagrus the riven realms Trainer for Steam and Wemod Cheats wanted money food insight movement
  3. T

    Mortal Kombat 1

    --------------------------- Title: Mortal Kombat 1 Platform: Steam Game Version: 1.00 i ques Store Link: Cheats: Godemode Unlimited Health Heal Player Refill Super Energy Max Super Energy Refill Kameo Max Kameo Easy Kill Enemies...
  4. zain45

    Punch club v1.39 and latest punch club 2 trainer please.

    Require following working trainers Title: Punch club v1.39 and Punch Club 2 Fast Forward Trainer Name: just need a working trainer for these. Platform: retail version. Version: mentioned in title.
  5. peskythief

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong

    Title: Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong Platform: Steam Store Link: Cheats: So, I know there's a trainer for this game here already, but it's for the Epic Game Store. The game was recently released on Steam (I think...
  6. D

    Iron Harvest 1920+

    Hello i am using Iron Harvest's steam version original copy, First, WeMod couldn't find the .exe, after i located the .exe, game doesn't start. When I manually start it from Steam, at first trainer works well but after 3-4 minutes the game crashes immiedately. ps. I have all the dlcs, Sorry...
  7. Szilimaci


    Trainer Request! Request Trainer Options: - Unlimited Hull Integrity - Unlimited Resources - Zero Power Consumption - Max Trust - Fast Construction - Free Build - Game Speed Game Store:> STEAM Please make a Trainer MAF!
  8. U

    Uboat Trainer needs update

    Hey, the Uboat Trainer needs an update. Torpedos did not explode when you use the trainer, they only hit the target and pull it a little bit away. Also the fuel trainer does not work. I have the latest gameversion from steam.
  9. Szilimaci

    Ballads of Hongye! (REQUEST)

    Trainer Request! Request Trainer Options: - Infinite Money - Infinite Health - Infinite Wood - Infinite Water - Infinite Food - Infinite Ore - Instant Research - Unlimited Units - Infinite Cloth - Set Game Time Game Store:> STEAM Please make a Trainer MAF!
  10. LucidRina


    STORE LINK: Trainer for Resources and Villager Modifying.
  11. Singhkhushbir

    Electrician Simulator Trainer

    Infinite money infinite exp
  12. R


    Title: Ooblets (v1.0.24) --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: Infinite Stamina Infinite Energy Unlimited/Max Items Exp Multiplier Infinite Beats (Moves during dance battles) Opponent has 0 beats Opponent Stays on 0 points during dance...
  13. Sebfrcan

    Captain Bones(STEAM) Trainer Available soon on Wemod ??

    i am waiting till end of july-start of august for a trainer for Captain Bones(steam) released 27 July 2022 and still nothing on wemod.
  14. stejcho

    NBA 2k23

    Since the new NBA 2K23 game just launched, most of its community were using the MrAntiFun trainer for years, where can we expect a release for this year's edition?
  15. S


    Hello, i'm new here and i would like to request for a custom game dev tycoon trainer, 1. ability to edit cash and research point 2. ability to edit staff technology, speed and design points I appreciate your other trainer for game dev tycoon but i need a custom one and i don't mind sparing a...
  16. Szilimaci

    Curse of the Deadwood! (REQUEST)

    Game Trailer: Request Trainer Options: - Infinite Skill Points - Infinite Upgrade Points - Infinite Energy - Infinite Ammo - Infinite Health - Infinite XP Game Store:> Link! Please make a Trainer MAF!
  17. McCaffrey

    [ REQ } Decision: Red Daze

    Steam: Pleas make a Trainer with all the usual Thinks. God Mode, Sleep, Food, Gold, Materials, One Hit ... Thx
  18. F

    Warno trainer Request

    Hello. Please make a trainer for Warno. This game from creators of Wargame and Steel Division. I use your excellent trainers in WeMod and only you can make trainer for this game) Thanks Warno cheats: Unlimited Requisition Points Unlimited Deployable Units Unlimited Ammo God Mode
  19. SweetRoll<3

    剑魄 JianPo Trainer

    I have looked everywhere trying to find a working trainer for this game and haven't been successful. Please make one that has god mode and a few other options!
  20. B

    Civilization VI

    hi i was wondering if you have any trainers for the latest Civilization VI