MrAntiFun + WeMod Partnership Announcement


  1. anael107

    Crush crush add gold trainer

    Not gem trainer gold trainer like the gold you get from working
  2. M

    Lord of the Rings: Conquest Trainer (2009) REQUEST

    Hey, Could you please make a small trainer for LOTR Conquest. Its a pretty old game by now and all the other ones make the most recent version of the game crash. Could you add Infinite health, unlimited lives, unlimited special powers for both heroes and players. Thats all. Thanks so much if...
  3. B

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trainer Update

    Trainer Name: Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trainer Platform: Uplay Version: Don't know how to check Feature Not Working: BattleEye Bypass (GRB_BE.exe)
  4. F

    Splinter Cell Conviction

    Hi MrAntiFun! First off, I'm a big fan of your work! You make the best trainers ever! I'd love to see a Splinter Cell Conviction Trainer for things like, Unlimited health, Stealth mode (Ghost Mode), unlimited gadgets, upgrade points, Execute Always Ready, etc. That'd be great. I've been playing...
  5. Pallant3

    Generation Zero PC Trainer option update

    Title: Generation Zero Trainer Name: Generation Zero Platform: Steam - PC (Windows) Version: Build Version 05042021 Hi MrAntiFun can you also add infinite materials and one hit kill and stealth mode and infinite carry weight for the game pls?
  6. C

    Any Trainer

    Hey community! I can download trainers NP. When I extract the trainer from winrar I need to open it with a program. All my anti viruses are disabled and I've run the window defender .bat file aswell. Not sure If im doing anything wrong but help would be awesome! thank you!
  7. Pallant3

    [REQ] Into The Haze Trainer

    Hi MrAntiFun can you make a trainer for Into The Haze i want inf hp, stamina, thirst, hunger, energy, temperature, items/ammo, free craft and also one hit kill. I really want this game to be hacked pls
  8. owowssssa

    war thunder

    please war thunder trainer....
  9. D

    GTFO + WeMod Trainer

    Game: GTFO Trainer Name: GTFO WeMod Trainer Platform: Steam, WeMod Version: Last Update 1 Apr (Latest Build) Features Not Working: As of current the game has released it's latest update Rundown #04 which has changed some files I imagine. With this recent update the Trainer has become...
  10. D

    [REQ] Nexomon Extinction Trainer

    1)Infinite Health 2)Infinite Stamina 3)Easy Kills 4)EXP Multiplier 5) Easy Capture 6)Unlimited Item Usage 7)Change Coins 8) Change Diamonds 9)Change Tokens Note: I will keep going until this request accepts
  11. eBayischeating

    Trainer Request

    i really want a trainer for need for speed (2015) and yes i know your rules on online cheating so im asking can you make a trainer for solo/offline mode please make sure it ahs inf money infinite nitro no timer etc. thanks
  12. Noxalian

    [Req] Sword Art Online Alicization Licoris

    Store: Cheat Requests: 1) Infinite HP 2) Infinite SP 3) Max Combo 4) Combo Won't Break 5) Infinite Items 6) Skills and Items No Cooldown 7) Superspeed 8) Max Friendship 9) No Crafting Requirement 10) Super Damage /...
  13. Snapee2


    Game Name: Huntdown Game Engine: Unity Options Required: Cheat table/trainers with • Unlimited Health • Invincible Mode • Unlimited Dash • Super Jump • Unlimited Ammo • Unlimited Items • Fast Throw Weapons Cooldowns • Enemies Do Not Attack • Super Damage Enemies (maybe 1 hit kill) • Super...
  14. B

    dragon city request

    Can someone please make a trainer for this for like money, food, and gems. Its a old game but very recently added to the Windows store and I have played this since a kid and it would be cool if someone could figure out how to hack it. Thank you :)
  15. succdicc

    [REQ] The Political Machine 2020

    Store link: Cheats: Infinite Stamina, Infinite Money, Infinite Character editor points
  16. hghgfgh

    [Update Request ] The Guild 3

    Title: The Guild 3 Platform: Steam Version: mrantifun trainer is not uploaded on wemod! Thanks
  17. testowygracz10

    [REQ] Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    Title: Starlink: Battle for Atlas Store Link: Cheats: 1) inf. health 2) inf. electrum 3) inf. nova 4) inf. nitro
  18. V

    Project zomboid trainer

    Пожалуйста, кто-нибудь сделайте трейнер по проекту zomboid или столу
  19. javla

    DiRT Rally trainer opens a webpage

    Whenever I launch the trainer, it opens up the webpage to this sites chat which i cant even use since I didnt pay for the privilege. Furthermore, everytime i launch this trainer the windows UAC prompt appears which is very stupid and annoying. Is there a way to fix this or is this just a really...
  20. Agracok12

    [REQ] Doraemon Story of seasons inf money freeze time