MrAntiFun + WeMod Partnership Announcement


  1. McCaffrey

    Ship Graveyard Simulator

    Steam: - more money - more xp - skill level up - more inventory - more of everything :)

    smartphone tycoon

    Smartphone Tycoon on Steam hi mR antifun can you make a trainer for smartphone tycoon illimited research points + 100 000 fans illimited money thx a lot
  3. chujec

    Railroad Tycoon 2 Platinum

    Railroad Tycoon 2 Platinum Store Link: Cheats: Infinite money for company and player
  4. U

    The Oil Blue

    Name: The Oil Blue Store Link: Cheats: Timer freeze, Infinite batteries, No machine stress, Oil price freeze Cheers Mrantifun, you're doing God's work
  5. carloskita

    (REQ) This Grand Life 1. infinite (health, hygiene, hungry...) 2. Stop Time
  6. evinx

    [REQ] Tavern Tycoon - dragon's hangover

    Please trainer :) Options + money + satisfaction thanks
  7. Atomshock

    [REQ] Parkitect - new request

    Steam link $17.99 Features requested include; Unlimited Money, and Max Visitor Stats
  8. Supreme_Healer

    [REQ] Blueprint Tycoon

    • Platform: Steam - • Product price: ~$2.99 USD • Features: Add Reputation (this is my main request), Infinite/Add Resources (as many resources as possible), Infinite/Add Upgrade Tokens (all 5 colors).
  9. D

    [REQ] Auto Dealership Tycoon

    Software: Steam - Product price: 4.99 EUR Features: Infinite money