1. stainedelite

    [REQ] Vermintide 2

    Request for Vermintide 2 trainer. Cheats I want to see: Health, Ammo, Wizard Cooldown. Cheats I want, but are not expected: Tomes, Grimoires, Dice -> For big loot at end of levels. Inf Potion use ??? Really anything else...
  2. LeiderKlasse

    [REQ] Vermintide Trainer 7 grim add-on

    Mr. Antifun, I do love your work will all the other game trainers on this site, and I truly love playing Vermintide without this but the farming that has to be taken to get a glaive or pick axe is completely insane, I've been farming on cataclysm for thirteen days now, and I've only seen the...
  3. J

    Warhammer Vermintide Trainer needs Update

    With the new game version 1.2, in which last stand was added, the trainer doesn´t seem to work anymore.. It would be really awesome if it was updated. Thanks
  4. J

    Vermintide trainer needs a update

    It is currently not working for 1.1.5 version of the game.