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A semi-old popular game: Age of Empires III (or any of them I guess)

Jedidiah Barnes

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Feb 16, 2016
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My preference is AoE 3 for all DLC but of course do it whenever you feel you have the time. A lot of people still play this game on gameranger and ESO, of course it'd be intended for singleplayer. Your trainer could have unlimited population limit, that'd be nice. I've manually used cheat engine and the game can support a 99999999 pop cap, but you have to change the value to -99999999 for that to work, otherwise it thinks you're over the 200 limit by quite a lot. XD. God mode on this would be cool as well. Anyway, I love your Total War trainers, hope theres an AoE one! Keep up the awesome work man