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Jul 31, 2014
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First of all sorry for my English and a lot of thanks for sharing your work.

I've seen the video trainer in youtube of Magic 2015 and I were impressed but not only for the trainer demostration, please really I'm here to ask you for help, could you consider to explain the necessary steps to play online multiplayer the CODEX retail version of Magic 2015 as seen in your video?

Really, please... think that if you tell me the steps or better if you write a little tutorial of that, you are gonna save me 40€ that costs that game.

Please answer to my petition even if just is to soy me a "NO", but please, consider it...

PS: I have original steam installation with an original bought account, I've tried both the CODEX and 3DM cracks, none worked with steam I mean can't play multiplayer, how you did it please?.

PS2: Also I'm an experienced .NET programmer (both C# and VB.NET) I can develop some better enhanced GUI designs for your (newest) trainers to save you time just if you would like to change a favor or something for your "secret", does not really matter for me, I'm interested to play this retail game online.

Thanks for read!
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