Anyone else seen adware installed from a trainer?

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May 1, 2019
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Sorry for digging this old post up, but I found this discussion while i was searching google for solution of my adware problems. I decided to share my story cause mrantifun's trainers are clear and legit.
So, i had problems with onclick adware until now. I was trying to find the reason of those for few hours, and finally while using Security Task Manager i spotted one very suspicious process. I was sure that something was wrong with it. After online scan with 40 antivirus i found the troublemaker. It was svchosts.exe which is poor adware that pretends svchost.exe (yes, thats windows system programme).
I feel guilty because i blamed your trainer in the first place (the problems began to occur in similar time).
I'm just here to say sorry and to inform others who will find this in their google search.