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Dec 1, 2015
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found this useful post on gamefaqs

by the user ladytanaka
If you go into the AliceGame.ini file, you can:

(1) tweak the gravity (default is 750). Try playing with lower values for easier jumping.

(2) you can adjust the multipliers for damage done by enemies (DamageMultiplierArray[#]) and damage done by Alice (AliceWeaponDamageMultiplier[#)) -- # being the difficulty/skill level.

So if you set the enemy multipliers at 0 and Alice multipliers at 10-15, Alice takes zero damage (she basically can't die except for falling and the one-hit kills in the side-scrolling sections) and she kills everything in no time flat.

So in a way, you can get god mode in this game. ^_-

ladytanaka 6 years ago#5

here is a more in debth explanation for you after having done this .

The three main obstacles in this game that stop your progress are quick time events don't know what to do about that and

having jump on various platforms and of course the various enemy's

first problem enemy damage how to solve
If you go to steam steam apps common alice game

and look for two files one called default game This will have the damage multiplyer in it and the one called base game has the gravity in it I think open up both with notepad

the text will look like this change the damage multiplyer to 0.0

DamageMultiplierArray[0] = 0.75

Second problem jumping you can make jumping easy by lowering the amount of gravity this is found in a file called Base game should look like this look for the line
Lower the 750.0 for easier jumping don't lower it to much if you lower it to much I found anything under 400 can cause problems Alice floats up into the air off the map and dies. also when you do lower the gravity be carful about the mushrooms when you jump on them that give you massive height if you lower it enough you wont need them .


don't forget to save a back up of the files you are altering and if you do get into trouble you might be able to restore the original files by using the check integrity of game cache feature on steam .

hope that helps