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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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Kirk McKeand pcgamesN

One of the best things about ARK is that you can take a dump at will. Your first time will probably be an accident - possibly in someone's house - but after a while you'll get pretty efficient at it, and you soon learn not to eat it.

ARK's latest update adds two dinosaurs, but one of them is a dung beetle, and I'm not sure that's really a dinosaur. It will eat your waste for you, though, meaning there's less chance of you succumbing to the aforementioned fecal temptation.
When the dung beetle has finished eating your poo, it will then poo it out. It doesn't poo out poo, though - it's a burnable oil that can be used to power generators and fertilise crops. So take a dump, let your dung beetle eat it, wait for it to take a dump, then scoop up the oily brown goodness and use it to grow your food, which you then eat. Okay? Cool.
The update also adds the dimetrodon, a herbivore with a big sail on its back that you can use to shade yourself from the searing sun, or to boost your wifi signal. That last bit is a lie.

Another new thing is craftable beer kegs that you can use to brew alcoholic concoctions that imbue you with status buffs right up until the hangover, just like real life.
On top of these additions, Studio Wildcard are running a modding competition. You can submit a mod in three categories: Mods, Maps and Total Conversions. There are five cash prizes up for grabs in each category, with a top prize of $10,000 on each.
If you want to take part, you've got from now until March 15 to upload your mod to the Steam Worshop, including the Mod Contest Sticker seen on Steam. Check out the full details for the ARK modding competition here.