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Jun 12, 2014
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Okay, so this is my first post and this may or may not work for all of you.I do not remember what forum this is from nor the guys name.

1. Go into your install dir for the game (whatever that may be for the steam and pirates) shootergame/saved/local profiles
and delete the local save. (Always make a backup of your files before you delete them). Don't worry you will retain all of your player info. Don'tblame me if you lose your saved info for not keeping a backup or losing your data at all. I made a backup since this was off a random thread. I tested it and I did not lose my data.

If the above doesn't work try this
2. Okay so this is something I found out while messing with my settings. It may be different depending on your computer specs. Go into options in the game then adjust the general and terrain shadow settings until you have a good frame rate.

I've been playing smooth for a good while now. Oh also turn off motion blur,film grain, and dynamic tessellation. I have not enabled those since I'm solid right now for a good 2 days with no crashing.