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May 21, 2014
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By Matt Purslow PCGamesN Via Destructoid

After months of it being tinkered with in the Batcave (see: Rocksteady offices), Arkham Knight has finally been re-released on Steam in a condition fit to play. Or is it? Despite the lengthy time it has been unavailable, the game still seems to be struggling, even by Warner Bros.’s own admission.

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The patch notes that accompanied the re-release of Arkham Knight detailed a variety of bugs that will make playing the game a real pain for many people. There's a hard drive paging issue that requires you to restart the game after playing for a while on Windows 7. There’s no full support for SLI/Crossfire multiple GPU setups. And Windows 10 requires an astonishing 12GB RAM in order to achieve a “smoother gameplay experience.”

Players have taken to public forums like Reddit and Steam to discuss their issues with the re-release, which include terrible framerates, non-functioning graphics options, and minor bugs. There’s even an issue with the game crashing at the very start of the game when using the grapple hook, a bug that has existed long before the re-release.

It seems like Arkham Knight is still in a pretty poor place then. As we’ve done with the original release and major PC patch, we’ll be returning to Arkham Knight to see how it performs for a new Port Review shortly. Keep an eye out for that one, Batfriends.