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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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Among the continous updates for 2013’s Battlefield 4, you may have forgotten that there was actually a Battlefield game this year, too. Hardline is picking up its penultimate piece of DLC in January 2016 - Getaway - and EA have detailed what can be found inside it.

Should you punt for the DLC, or have already scooped up the Premium season pass, in January you’ll be able to play with:

  • Four new maps: Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge, and Diversion
  • Capture the Bag game mode
  • 4 new vehicles
  • 3 new weapons for the Mechanic class
  • A new gadget and melee weapon
  • 4 new Legendary camos
Premium members will be given access to Getaway in January, but so far EA have yet to announce a concrete release date. The DLC will be accompanied by a patch that adds new content to the base game, so players not looking to spend any further money on Battlefield Hardline will still get something new.
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