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May 21, 2014
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Kirk Mckeand pcgamesN via eurogamer


More details are beginning to surface for the next project from Irrational Games. Irrational downsized after the completion of BioShock Infinite, with studio head Ken Levine now overseeing a team of around 15 staff. The new details come from a job listing that hopes to expand that team by another person.

Levine previously said that the unannounced game would be heavily narrative focused, and that he wants to make it replayable, despite this focus, by creating a dynamic new system for adaptable narrative

According to a post on their hiring page, Irrational are looking for someone with "experience in a semi-open (e.g. Borderlands/Shadows of Mordor) or open world game", revealing a bit more about the Unreal 4 project's scope.

Some other details were released earlier this year by Levine on his personal Twitter, including the setting, which will apparently be sci-fi themed, and the fact we'll be able to create our own character.

The developer also said it would be semi-open world, but not necessarily outside, so perhaps it'll be set in a space station or something similar.

Whatever it is, it's going to be a departure from BioShock, as Levine seems to be done with the linear narrative thing for now.