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Sep 7, 2014
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First to say thanks...stunning great job....But

Carrier Command 1.06 inf health no goer rest seems OK however?
(if you get the chance to look beta version 1.7.0025 is going to be the final version so no need for another after that...either would be great!)

The above are Retail versions (patches have no DRM now)
Steam V1.06 was final I am told not being updated to 1.7

I have used the normal fixes (all of which fail)
1) Start the game first then start the trainer
2) In some games you would have to use the function in game before activating the related cheat ,e.g. Shoot a bullet then activate Unlimited Ammo cheat.
3) Make sure the trainer was made for the game version you are using

Nothing helps

(If you have the EXE used to make the trainer that should be ok as version is same?
Cheers m8 and well done again!
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