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May 21, 2014
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Story by Fraser Brown-PCGamesN

Cities: Skylines has been live for just over a day, and if the Steam Workshop is anything to go by, its longevity is assured. There are, at the time of writing, 2,353 entries in the Steam Workshop ranging in ambitious, entirely new models to new colours for existing buildings. I’m already making a list for my next city.

In my review, I reckoned that it would be up to modders to plug in some of Skylines’ gaps. It’s a brilliant game, but lacked interesting maps and, to a lesser degree, building diversity. And it looks like this is already happening.

The most popular mods at the moment are older buildings, like the Annunciation Cathedral from Kiev and Maastricht City hall, along with lots of roundabouts, which you can never have enough of.

If it only took a day for the list to get as big as it has, I expect that it will become rather gargantuan in the coming weeks. Is there anything on the list that tickles your fancy, or something that your city sorely needs, but you can’t find?
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