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Apr 20, 2014
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Contraband Police (Steam) Game Release Trainer +28
Contraband Police (Steam) 3-17-23 Trainer +30

  1. Immortal
  2. Unlimited Perception
  3. Infinite Item Durability
  4. Set Money
  5. Set Current Experience
  6. Set Experience Multiplier
  7. Unlimited Ammo
  8. No Reload
  9. No Recoil
  10. No Sway
  11. No Bullet Dispersion
  12. Stop Fugitive Vehicles
  13. Stop Inspection Time
  14. Scan Vehicles in Inspection
  15. Search for Unfound Contraband [Not Hidden]
  16. Contraband Spot Found
  17. Is Name/Surname Wrong
  18. Is Date of Expiration Wrong
  19. Is Passport Number Wrong
  20. Is Photo Wrong
  21. Is Vehicle Type Wrong
  22. Is Vehicle ID Wrong
  23. Is Stamp Wrong
  24. Are Paper Colors Wrong
  25. Is Vehicle Cargo Wrong
  26. Is Driver a Criminal
  27. Is Vehicle Weight Wrong
  28. Is Forbidden From Entry
  29. Vehicle Contraband Amount
  30. Game Speed
Mods under the "Scan Vehicles in Inspection" mod are merely informational, changing them does nothing and they update when a vehicle gets into the Inspection Zone if the "Scan Vehicles in Inspection" mod is active.


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