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Apr 20, 2014
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Current Trainers:
Core Keeper (Steam) 9-16-22 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 9-22-22 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 10-25-22 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 10-28-22 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 11-9-22 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 11-15-22 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 12-15-22 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 2-10-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 2-15-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 2-18-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 3-6-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 3-19-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 4-3-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 5-11-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 5-12-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 6-13-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 6-15-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 6-26-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 8-15-23 Trainer +14
Core Keeper (Steam) 8-16-03 Trainer +15

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. Unlimited Food
  3. Super Speed
  4. Easy Digging
  5. Easy Fishing
  6. Improve Game Lighting
  7. No Clip
  8. Unlimited Weapons Durability
  9. Unlimited Armor Durability
  10. Set Right Clicked Item Count
  11. Set Selected Item 999
  12. Set Selected Item 1
  13. Max Skills Level
  14. Super Damage


  • Core Keeper (Steam) Trainer Setup.exe
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May 19, 2014
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With options 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9 on. I was unable to move ore from the backpack. It would act like it was moving then go right back to the spot in was in the backpack. Also, unable to remove bars from smelter. They show up in the backpack for a split second then go right back in the output slot of the forge. If you need any logs, or if there is anything I can provide let me know.


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Jan 30, 2016
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hey dear MAF,
could you add that the great ores be infinity?
i heard there is an overwolf mod for this, but i would more like it on wemod, all from same source <3

and, yea, i have sometimes the bug that the cheats stopped working, and i have to save&end game and start again (dont need hard reset), so i think its the game itself that makes this. mostly i get this bug after i used the cheat to set more items in the backpack. it still works, but the game like to break the cheats sometimes after, that i need to go back to the main menu and start again.
i know the actually version has changed, but i had this bug before too also. its just an info. maybe the game dont like it..^^

but if you could add infinity ores in next version it would be awesome Mr Anti Fun <3