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May 21, 2014
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By Julian Benson PCGamesN
TheHunter: Primal’s only been in Early Access since December, barely giving players time to sink their teeth into it, but it’s already ready for a full release.

Avalanche Studios and Expansive Worlds have marked the release of their gorgeous multiplayer survival game (it has sp also)
The full release adds the quetzalcoatlus, the prehistoric airborne dinosaur, which will ravage players from the skies. This is added to features included through early access, like the PvP and team games, dynamic weather systems, and tweaks to the 9.3 square mile jungle map.

”It’s been a great few months, listening to our newly founded community and shaping Primal into the game they want to play” said Expansive Worlds CEO Pim Holfve in a press release. “Together with them, we have created an intense and highly unique experience. But we’re just getting started. If the initial success is anything to go by, I look forward to keep evolving theHunter: Primal for years to come.”

You can pick up the full version of theHunter: Primal in the Steam Store, it’s currently discounted a wee bit to celebrate its launch.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing new maps added in the future and a growing menagerie of beastly lizards to fight

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