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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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Dragon Ball XenoVerse is the biggest game in the franchise to date.

XenoVerse has shipped 1.5 million units worldwide, Bandai Namco announced today. The publisher said it is “the biggest Dragon Ball game ever”, although it didn’t explain whether it means sales-wise or in terms of content.

The game’s first DLC pack drops with this week’s console network updates, and includes:

  • three new playables characters (Kid Goku GT, Trunks GT and Pan)
  • one new stage (Planet Tuffle)
  • five new costumes, three new accessories, nine new Z-souls
  • two new Masters (Tien and Yamcha)
  • 15 new special moves to be learned from Tien and Yamcha
  • four Time Patrol Quests and 3 Parallel Quests
Bandai Namco will be sending gifts to players, too. Here’s the schedule:

  • March 20 – Two-star Dragon Ball, Five-star Dragon Ball
  • March 27 – Three-star Dragon Ball
  • April 3 – Six-star Dragon Ball
  • April 10 – Seven-star Dragon Ball
  • April 17 – One-star Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball XenoVerse is available now on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.