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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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andy chalk pcgamer

The upcoming Dying Light DLC The Following is apparently quite big: Big enough, according to developer Techland, to be a standalone game in its own right. It won't be, though, because doing so would force a delay in its launch—but the "increased scale" of the expansion has led the studio to decide that it needs to jack the price up a bit, along with that of the season pass

As promised back in August, our expansion will still be free for all Dying Light Season Pass holders," Techland said in a statement. "However since the Season Pass will now include this bigger-than-anticipated addition, we needed to adjust the price accordingly."

That means Dying Light: The Following will sell for $20, not $15 as originally announced, while the Dying Light season pass, which includes The Following, is going from from $20 to $30. The good news is that the increases won't take effect until December 8, because Techland "didn't want this to come as a surprise," so as long as you grab it before then, you'll still get it at the lower price. Those with a cynical bent might see an element of sharp marketing to it, but if the price is going up anyway, a little heads-up is a good thing, no?

There's still no release date for Dying Light: The Following, but Techland said that more information about the game will be revealed "really soon."