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May 21, 2014
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By Fraser BrownPCgamesn
Amplitude Studios released a new update for Endless Legend, its impressive 4X game, yesterday. Eye on the Stars. It’s the third content update since the game’s launch last year and adds a new minor faction, a new diplomatic options and more world generation choices. It will be the last update before next month’s expansion, Guardians.

With Eye on the Stars, you can finally beg other factions to declare war on each other, because what’s the point in conquering the world if you can’t inspire others to destroy each other? There’s a new minor faction waiting to be conquered or befriended, too: the Dorgeshi.

Here’s the full list of additions:
•An improvement on diplomacy allowing you to ask an empire to declare war on another empire.
•An integrated set of AI and Simulation tools, which allow you to browse through all the variables of an empire. Very useful for modders who want to understand what is going on. It allows you to switch between empires, so obviously this will be available in a special launch mode, to avoid multiplayer cheats.
•The world generation is enriched with a system of presets, offering exotic continents layout: New World, Scattered, Symmetrical.
•A Victory Quest has been added. Once you complete your main faction quest, you can attempt to achieve this quest to win the game (new victory condition). I will not give more details to allow you to discover this yourself.
•A new outgame scene featuring the Drakkens has been added.
•New Steam achievements have been added per G2G design and vote.
•The Dorgeshi minor faction (G2G) has also been added.
•6 new keyboard shortcuts as requested on the forum.

On April 26th, Endless Legend will get its first expansion, Guardians. Expect new buildings, quests, weapons, one-man elemental killing machines and some brand-spanking new technologies. Here’s what Amplitude is promising:
•15 Legendary Deeds completed at the various ages, granting a special advantage to the first empire to reach it.
•5 Legendary buildings can now be built in your cities, only once for all empires. They have a special 3D visual on the city.
•10 Unique buildings: when some Legendary Deeds are achieved, all empires may build these special buildings, one per city in your empire.
•New Guardian mega-units. There are five of them, one for each element: Dust, Earth, Water, Air and Fire. They are built on a city and animated into a one man killer-army.
•15 Guardian Weapons.
•5 Guardian Gemstones (new accessory category).
•5 Global quests! You can now play quests in cooperation or competition with other empires.
•6 Global events: new random events which bring interesting positive or negative situations.
•8 new technologies which unlock Guardians or are unlocked by Legendary Deeds.