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May 9, 2014
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Title: Evochron Mercenary
Genre: Space simulation / open-world
Developer: StarWraith 3D

Additional information:

Despite the game's age (it's not too old, but any game with its age has trainers by now 99% of the time), I have yet to see a working trainer for it.

The developer, StarWraith 3D, is a one-man band indie company but he alone employed some kind of complex code that has all but dissuaded anyone and everyone from making a working trainer.

Personally, I don't know enough about creating hacks and trainers to understand the code that the dev uses for Evochron Mercenary, but all I know is that whoever manages to create the first ever working trainer for the game will most likely receive a major increase in their fan base just for doing what pretty much everyone else hasn't done yet.

Just like anyone who has played Evochron Mercenary for longer than 10 hours of total played time, if a trainer is made for the game I don't expect everything in one go. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that a simple shield or hull repair option would be more than enough to start with. If an infinite hull and/or infinite shield option can be created that'd be awesome, but like I said it wouldn't be realistic to expect those kinds of trainer options right off the bat.

Anyway, based off the dev's apparently godly code, creating a trainer for Evochron Mercenary is without a doubt likely going to be an enormous challenge, but if anyone can pull it off I reckon MrAntiFun is the man for it. I've only been following your amazing work for a short time, but so far you're the first person in this particular community that I'm willing to support --financially too, when I can pay off my parents for my car. =P Heck, if you manage to create a trainer for Evochron Mercenary I'd go ahead and donate whatever I can spare for two or three weeks when I get paid on Thursdays.

I apologize for the long essay in this trainer request, in any case I look forward to more of your work MrAntiFun in any and all games that I play which are gifted with a trainer by your name. =)


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Jul 11, 2014
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Yeah, if we could get a trainer for this game, it be awesome, hell even something as easy as infinity cash :D


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Oct 5, 2015
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There is a way to create a trainer for cash in this game as follows use cheat engine and get some valuable item in your cargo hold like Diamonds or platinum. Use Cheat Engine to find value of how many are stored in hold, sell some and search for new value in Cheat Engine, keep doing this until Cheat Engine finds last value, then freeze value and sell as many diamonds or platinum as you like to get huge amounts of cash.