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May 21, 2014
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Story by Fraser Brown-PCGamesN

Turtle Rock’s co-operative, asymmetrical monster hunting shooter, Evolve, has leveled up today with the launch of version 1.1. It’s a slightly boring update with a few bug fixes, but there are two things that stand out. There’s an FOV slider now, and the pesky persistent mouse cursor bug should be fixed. The latter was especially annoying, always hovering there, mocking me.

Here’s what’s been fixed:
•Added FOV slider to the options menu
•Improved 21:9 monitor support
•Improved support for shared memory GPUs
•Various Progression / Mastery balance changes
•Improved Direct X stability
•Fixed a windows timer issue may have caused FPS problems on some systems
•Fix for a shadow rendering bug
•Fixed “five Hunter” bug
•Fix for disappearing/persisting mouse cursor

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Evolve, but it’s been hard not to notice the rate it’s been shedding players. After a launch filled with matches, it dropped really quickly, and now I frequently end up in a match with only bots and my co-op partner, which makes things a bit dull.

Hopefully updates and the eventual addition of new hunters will inspire players to return, because I’m starting to get a bit lonely
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