Which of the following features would you want in MAF's DA:I trainer?

  • Adjustable modifiers for existing cheats

  • Movement speed modifier

  • Loot highlight time modifier

  • Mission timers modifier

  • None

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Nov 17, 2014
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Um, hi.

I've suggested some features for DAI trainer in its thread, but, as there was no reaction, I'll try that again here. So! The short list is as follows:
1. Adjustable modifiers (as in, set the multiplier for XP or damage instead of set values)
2. Speed hack (should be adjustable, too)
3. Adjustable loot highlight time (so people could set for how many seconds it should remain before clearing off the screen; I'm sure it's doable if you tinker with timers)
4. Mission timers modifier (with user input, as well, so players could set how fast those real-time missions would progress. Yes, I know it can be done by setting system clock to and fro, but it'll be nice to not have to do it; after all, money are hackable without the trainer, too, just use CheatEngine or ArtMoney)

1 is obviously doable without much hassle.
2 could prove tricky, but from my experience with programming, I suppose it's still possible.
3 and 4 are trickier than 2, I think, but still within the scope of possible.

4MAF: if you can't do 2, 3 or 4, kindly say so. If you won't do 1 (or any of others if they are possible), can you please type a few words as on why?
I'll add the vote, just in case.