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Marcelo Rock

Jun 8, 2016
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That's not an BUG FIX exactly, but a way i find to keep playing the game besides the unemployment bug that occurs everytime you use Mr. Antifun trainer

I find 3 ways to "fix" this bug:

1 - Chosing a nation that the Unemployment isn't a problem like Burkina Faso or something like.

2 - Chosing a nation with a GREAT PUBLIC EMPLOYERS NUMBERS (North Korea and Cuba are the most comunist in the world, Cuba with 80%+ of PEs and so North Korea), in this method you can also start a nation and run it "legit" until you estatize the economy until you have somenthing about 15 or 20% of PEs, then use the code and voila, you will not suffer any coup.

3 - This method isn't complicated and is already used as a "game cheat", but with the trainer we'll enhance it, you need to choose 2 or more nations to control, 1 nation will be your MAIN and the others the SCAPEGOATS. Just use the trainer in the scapegoats, pass the 7 days until the budget gets crazy then GIVE A FINANCIAL AID to the MAIN NATION you want to run. The maximum you can give is 25% of your GDP, that is enough to maximize any nation.