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May 21, 2014
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by Ben Barrett- PCGamesN

We're all XCOM-buts, all the time on PCGN today. Sadly it's less good news for Hard West fans as the game has been delayed a couple of weeks back to November 18th, "to give the developers more time for additional finishing touches and fine-tuning." It's cowboys 'n' satanic rituals meets isometric tactics in deserty towns, combining the odd physically on-fire demon-man with revolvers, shotguns and dodgy doctors.

I like this more and more as I see it. While the delay sucks if you were already looking forward to playing it, polish is super-important for this type of thing. The lack of it in XCOM 2012 put me off that game more than anything else, and stamping out bugs is equally vital. Here's what Lead Designer Kacper Szymczak had to say about it:

"Creating a game is an ever-shifting process in which one change can lead to another. Although we recently announced a release date, a few last-minute changes revealed some excellent opportunities for improvements. While it would be easy to patch in little details, we all know how we feel about such moves. When the game releases, it should be as good as it can be.

"The scope of Hard West and its story is going to surprise a lot people. Its complex, with choice and consequence, and this extra time allows us to ensure that everything has the level of polish it deserves."

He's setting up a lot of hopes there, but the footage seems to support it. There's in-map storytelling, interesting mechanics and lots of options. It looks graphically sound too, and less filled with animation bugs than XCOM was. I'll be interested to see how it holds up under the weight of public opinion come November 18th. More of everything, including a 20% pre-order discount, on Steam.

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